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These days, refrigerators in Miamisburg can be found in almost every home. Refrigerators have become a necessity and with the advent of the energy-efficient models, having a refrigerator in the house has become less of a burden. But, did you know that there are certain things that you can do that can help you make your refrigerator consume less energy? Here are some refrigerator maintenance tips that can help you reduce the electrical consumption of the appliance.

Troubleshooting a Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker

Compact Refrigerator Repair

Making ice may seem simple, but the built-in ice makers in refrigerators can fail for a wide variety of reasons, from simple settings to faulty parts. Troubleshooting a Kenmore refrigerator ice maker means starting with simple fixes and working your way up to trickier and more costly repairs as needed.

Change the Filter

Ice maker filters capture impurities in the water supply so they don't end up in your ice. If you neglect your filter for too long, it could become clogged, which would prevent water from reaching the ice-making mechanism and prevent your unit from working. Try changing your filter for a new one to see if this solves the problem.

Check Water Pressure

Ice makers can't make ice if the water pressure in your home is below 20 pounds per square inch. Pick up a simple water pressure gauge and hook it to any hose or washing machine bib to check your pressure.

Intermediate Issues

Door Switch Failure

The door switch in a refrigerator alerts the ice maker when the door is open, rendering the ice and water dispenser disabled. If the door switch fails, it may fool the ice maker into not working even when the door is closed. Check your door switch for continuity using a multimeter. If you don't have one, you may be able to borrow one for free from your local library. If the multimeter indicates a lack of continuity in the switch, you'll need to replace the switch to get your ice maker working again.

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Ice Mold Thermostat

The ice mold thermostat helps control the process of molding ice in the ice tray. If it malfunctions, the ice maker won't work. You can use your multimeter to check for continuity in the thermostat just like you did in the door switch, and replace the thermostat if it turns out to be faulty.

Advanced Troubleshooting

The ice maker assembly is a unit that fits inside your freezer and contains all the parts required to make ice. If you've completed all the troubleshooting steps in the article and your ice maker still doesn't work, consider replacing the entire ice maker assembly. This is the most difficult and costly solution to fixing a broken ice maker and should be saved as a last resort. While it is possible to replace individual modules in the assembly, it's generally best to replace the entire unit for the best long-term results.

Indoor Refrigerator Vs. Outdoor Refrigerator

Kenmore Refrigerator Repair Service

The GE Profile Refrigerator has some great features, such as a TurboCool setting, which helps you regulate the interior temperature when you open the door. It also has a Tall LightTouch Dispenser, which dispenses the water and ice with the lightest of touches. It also has a lock to prevent your kids from using the feature. As with any refrigerator, though, you are bound to run into some problems. Avoid wasting money by calling the service center if you can troubleshoot the problems on your own.

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Miamisburg Refrigerator Repair Professional Services

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General Electric markets a line of Profile refrigerators for residential use. These refrigerators perform as expected with routine maintenance and care. The interior courtesy light, like any light bulb in the home, can burn out and require replacement. If your Profile refrigerator has LED compartment lights, a service technician must be called to repair the lights. If your Profile refrigerator has incandescent compartment lights, though, you can replace the bulbs yourself.

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